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We believe that monitoring energy consumption is an essential step in our journey towards a healthier planet.

Thanks to tailor-made and user-friendly Internet of Things (IoT) technology, we make energy monitoring accessible to all.

Often companies want to reduce their energy consumption, but they don’t have a clue where to start. Indeed, beyond the economic gain, we are increasingly seeing a desire to contribute to a healthier planet.

Thanks to a technology based on Internet of Things, we are able to install innovative energy monitoring systems for all type of buildings. Our solutions are accessible to all budgets and provide detailed information about the buildings’ energy consumption profile. These insights lead to substantial energy savings.

SensEnergies stands for innovative technology and tailor-made solutions.

SensEnergies is a commercial brand and is a result of a joint venture between Veriwell and freva.com.


Tir aux Pigeons 85
1150 Brussels
VAT: BE0675880162


Langvennestraat 7
3511 Hasselt
VAT: BE0742579540

Meet Our Founders

Frederic Vanvolsem

Frederic Vanvolsem

Frederic is an experienced engineer and had the opportunity to work during more than 20 years in the manufacturing industry. Frederic founded in 2017 freva.com (an engineering company active in the Internet of Things industry). It's with a great deal of enthusiasm that Frederic helps building a sustainable world through energy monitoring projects.

Gert Lismont

Gert Lismont

Gert is an experienced engineer working for more than 25 years in the energy process industry. He built from his experience in process monitoring and optimisation and gradually focused more and more on offering expertise as an energy expert for buildings and industrial sites. His collaboration with Frederic led to the foundation of SensEnergies.

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Get in touch with us

Phone: +32 476 681 481
Email: info@sensenergies.com
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