Solutions we provide

Monitoring any flow of energy and water

Measurement of consumption and production of electricity, gas, heat/cooling and water every 15 minutes all year round. Data is collected in multiple buildings on a site and from a multitude of sources:

  • existing meters
  • smart meters
  • meters and sensors we select and install
  • PV inverters
  • cloud based sources like Fluvius NPS, weather servers, PV inverter portals
  • Building Management Systems

All collected data is transferred to a secure cloud storage, from where it can be accessed from any location through a weblink and from where raw data can be extracted.

Simple, flexible and affordable concept for new or existing installations

Thanks to wireless Internet of Things technology, there is no need for extensive hardware or invasive installations, even from basements, or outdoor locations with no power supply. Whilst offering maximum adaptability to the site setup and customer needs, a lean and simple installation is realised with minimal hardware.

Our concept does not involve the complexity and cost of a Building Management System, but it is able to interact with an existing Building Management System.

Once operational, our setup is flexible to grow and change along with the needs of the customer.

In-depth Energy Consumption Analysis

Energy data for internal use or as 3rd party evidence is turned into information on a customised monitoring portal offering multisite dashboarding, periodical reports and alarming for leaks or abnormal operation. Additionally, processed data can be exported in a tailored format to a customer specified repository.

Monitoring Multiple sites

Data aggregated from multiple sites presented in one overview with benchmarking across sites, allowing to focus on the hotspots in the total asset portfolio.

Utility invoices from the sites can be automatically verified for correctness and against own meter reading by simply uploading the invoices.

Reallocating energy costs

Reallocation to multiple consumers from one delivery point to ensure accurate and correct invoicing.

Metering downstream of your commercial import meter at multiple split sensing points enables reallocation of energy and water consumption to multiple third party consumers for accurate and correct invoicing, for example student homes, appartments,… Periodic consumption reports form the basis for invoicing to individual consumers.

Specific needs & Total Solutions

Consumption data from a complete asset portfolio forms the basis for negotiating optimal energy supply contracts.

Automised collection of meter positions and verification of invoices saves time for more value adding tasks.

Monitoring  air quality : Increasingly, facility managers care about air quality to ensure health and comfort for building occupants through measurement of temperature, humidity and pollutants, but also to directly control the freshness of the air and ventilation quality by measuring CO2, which has a direct relation to the COVID19 hazard in poorly ventilated spaces.